Shri Ram Associates - We undertake full Turnkey services starting from conceptual planning to approval of drawings, Turnkey construction, completion & Functional  certificate and other paperwork’s.

Services Rendered under Design n Build.

  • Conceptual Drawing and Design Development
  • Get Approval of Drawings from Haryana Development Authority
  • Issuing good for Construction Detail Structure, Architectural & Services Drawings
  • Carrying out construction and interior work executions with the expert team according to directions of HUDA
  • Get completion, Functional and other certificates from HUDA
  • Handover the building to client with all warranty and documentation after successful completion of construction work at the site. The client has to do a little & all other things are taken care by our team.

Architecture Design

Shri Ram Associates role as design architects is to transform the abstract ideas of our clients into innovative design concepts and through the reviews and dialogue, develop the approved concept into a functional, comfortable and cost-effective design solution that is climate friendly and equates to timeless aesthetic appeal and value.

Interior Design

People spend more time indoors at their workplace, the places of entertainment or shopping and their home. In today’s competitive and stressful lifestyle a cheerful, comfortable, soothing interiors and modern design concepts are more meaningful than ever. The creation of innovative and productive interior space designs is at the core of our architectural practice.


Remodeling the existing building design & its structure involves strategic planning and precise assessment of the existing building conditions. We have developed special architectural design skills for the renovating & remodeling the designs of old structures without having to demolish the whole structure and transform the antiquated spaces and building structures into eloquent contemporary design expression.

Residential Design 

Our residential design work, centers on creating unique & modern house designs. We endeavor to contrive house designs which comfortably accommodate the contemporary lifestyle of the occupants, express their values and personalities, and add to the quality of life. Careful architectural detailing and a quality of interior spaces is the way we approach each unique design assignment.


  • Translation of clients' requirements into a design brief
  • Site evaluation, analysis and impact assessment
  • Site planning and architectural design
  • Structural design and calculations
  • Sanitary, plumbing, drainage, water supply and Sewerage design
  • Electrical, electronics and communication systems planning
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning design
  • Planning of elevators, escalators and other means of  Mechanized movement
  • Design of fire detection, protection and fighting system
  • Security systems design
  • Inspection and evaluation of construction works
  • Coordination and construction management

Interior Design

  • Site evaluation and assessment
  • Space planning and volumetric studies
  • Architectural additions and alterations
  • Design of fixed items of work, loose Furniture and interior related civil works
  • Illumination design
  • Sound management and acoustic design
  • Graphic design and signage
  • Indoor Plant-scape
  • Selection of materials, equipment and gadgetry
  • Integration of engineering services

Planning & Urban Design 

  • Techno – Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Urban Structure Planning
  • Site Evaluation
  • Circulation Design
  • Analysis of Architectural character, Social issues and Heritage
  • Volumetric study and Urban Form Recommendations
  • Architectural Controls / Guidelines
  • Planning and design of service infrastructure and utilities
  • Implementation Strategies

Landscape Design

  • Site appraisal and suitability
  • Site planning
  • Landform and grading
  • Design of landscape structure and layout
  • Circulation design
  • Open space design including roads, parking, hard and soft areas, walls, gates and fences, etc.
  • Planting design
  • Surface drainage and water management strategies
  • Design of garden features
  • Architectural detailing of outdoor structures
  • Graphic design and signage
  • Illumination design
  • Coordination of external services

Turnkey Project Management

We have developed a task force of dedicated and committed personnel who are skilled to decipher and implement the design instructions with utmost precision and facilitate our client’s. Our task force confirm to nothing less than the high standards of construction at competitive prices.