About Us


Shri Ram Associates is a Professional, creative & dynamic architectural & Interior design Company in Gurgaon (NCR) (INDIA) with multifaceted approach & innovative design ideas. We are handling building projects in Gurgaon, Haridwar, New Delhi & other north Indian cities.  Our services range from Architectural Design, Interior Design & Landscape design to HVAC, Fire fighting, plumbing and structural designing. We deliver high standard of Workmanship with a stringent budget.


To create lively, diverse, and safe cities and neighborhoods  to improve people's lives  rather than focusing on design aesthetics alone  to consider, develop, and accentuate amenities

To achieve the above while considering and accounting for climatic and environmental concerns, ensuring sustainability in all aspects: social, physical, mental, environmental & economical


The public realm is a place for all people, regardless of ethnic background, age, socio-economic class, disability, religion, or the like. Residents, visitors, students, workers, children, and the elderly must all be invited to meet in the public realm!


Shri Ram Associates have developed a unique working methodology that is based on the principle that people’s priorities are the most important driver in the planning process for cities. Creating a quality environment for people is paramount and must be considered before anything else in order to achieve a lively and sustainable public realm! 

  • First we consider LIFE
  • then we consider SPACE
  • then we considerBUILDINGS

Therefore our planning and design solutions aim to enrich the lifestyle envisioned for each project. 

Once the human dimension is established, we form a spatial strategy for public space. Finally we work to shape the built environment, ensuring that the relationship between people and buildings supports public life. This people oriented philosophy, focusing on design solutions that can improve quality of life, is our number one objective with any project.

Thought & Vision

It seems like a good thing for architects to put their heart and soul into the design proposals. At Shri Ram Associates, we see it a bit differently. It's our client's heart and soul that belongs in the architectural or interior designs we prepare for them. We believe in teaming up with our clients and support their dreams with our vision and skill-set. This facilitates us to outline innovative and responsive architectural and interior concepts within the framework of time and money - Absolutely exclusive for each client who plays a critical role in shaping the design of their projects.  They aren’t surprised by our designs; rather they see it evolve throughout the designing process